Being at Higher Consciousness

Satvik Wellness Holidays

For those seeking a non stimulating but relaxing and de-stressing vacation, a yoga retreat in Bhimtal India. This allows a person time and space for himself or herself to experience pilgrimage tour in India, living with nature, vedic wedding in India, following a customized regime, based on the essential principles of wellness, derived from yogic and Ayurvedic practices. We have varied vedic wellness packages in Bhimtal

Prakurti Nirupan

The guest gets to determine the diet suited to his or her body temperament, based on ayurvedic texts.

Yukta Aahar

Performing relevant yogic exercises that can be practised independently or under expert guidance.

Yoga Asana

The guest is introduced to The Satvik ‘aahar’, a tasty vegetarian diet that is healthy for the body, easy on the stomach, using minimal oil and spices.


A session of lifestyle management counselling can be provided to help the guest unite his or her principal objectives in life with such lifestyle that contributes to their health, peace and happiness.

Yogic & Ayurvedic Tips

Techniques to relax and overcome stress for greater vigour and endurance can be taught. (Optional)


Ayurvedic/aromatic and acupressure massages (of 45 minutes duration) are available on payment basis.


This is available only with prior clearance which needs to be taken before arrival. The guest can witness the Agnihotra ceremony (offering of herbal oblations into the fire along with the recitation of mantras)- the sound vibrations generated by the mantras and the fumes emanating from the fire are beneficial for health. This ceremony can be performed subject to suitable weather conditions.